Pacific Coast Banking School

Practical Financial Planning

Primary Audience: Private Banking and Senior Lending Officers
Course Evaluation: "Overall Average: 4.83"
Top 3-rated instructor among all faculty

  • "Great course. Information I will be able to use immediately."
  • "Goodman is an excellent instructor. Very engaging, articulate and knowledgeable. "
  • "Amazing! This is quite arguably THE single most helpful course I have ever taken for my own personal growth!" [Emphasis in original]
  • "Find more of him. Genuine is hard to find in a world of pessimism."
  • "I wish my friends and family could take this class! High school kids too. Most Americans have no clue when it comes to finances and financial planning. GREAT JOB!" [Emphasis in original]

Southeastern School of Banking

Ethics in Banking

Primary Audience: Lending Officers
Course Evaluation: "Overall Rating: 4.87"

  • "It was information everyone needs, and honestly, if Goodman is teaching a class on paint drying, it would be pretty captivating."
  • "What a great way to kick off on a Monday morning. Steve is an awesome speaker."
  • "Steve Goodman was my favorite presenter (…). Ethics is something that we face every day (…). He explained details in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend."

Sales In Financial Services

Primary Audience: Lending Officers
Course Evaluation: "Overall Rating: 4.75"

  • "Mr. Goodman's class was very interesting. I learned a lot about the sales culture in the US and how to use that at our own bank."
  • "This was a great way to end the week. Very entertaining presentation which made it easier to absorb the information considering it was right before the final."